What happen after Dubai?

Today I met my friend Jessika for lunch and our conversation was all around “what happen after Dubai”.

I even feel pain in my heart thinking about it, but the true is this place is not forever. You have always to say bye to someone who was being part of your life for the last years and let them go to the world. This time is Jessika who is leaving. She is moving to Spain. OMG, I am writing this with tears in my eyes!

I am also trying to figure out my future in Dubai. I love this place so hard that if I could I would stay here forever. The warm weather makes me energetic, the friends I got are like family to me and I have no words to explain the lifestyle and everything I conquered through my Instagram account. I can say “I am leaving my dream life!”. But there are things missing, and important things I would say… That makes me think to give another move and look for a more stable life outside Dubai.

I know already what is about to come if I move to another country. The most difficult for me is starting a social life all over again and to leave my “Dubai family” behind.

I will stop to think about it.

I want to live today’s day.

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