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7 Tips for Hosting Friends At Home

Planning a fun garden soiree is the best way to have quality time with friends. People look forward to enjoying their evenings with friends in laid-back gatherings by the pool, candle-lit dinner on the lawn or a casual set up in the good-old-backyard.

Here are a few simple tips for throwing the ultimate yet laidback soiree:

1 – Ask your Friends:

The first thing to do is get your friends on board. You might be the host but, planning a party with friends is always fun. Plus, you can share ideas and responsibilities. You can do potluck style or pool in for some supplies. You can choose a theme and then vote for the main dish or the dessert. Keep it simple and, it will be easier to plan.

2 – Plan Ahead:

Planning ahead always pays off. As there are tons of details to attend to, prepare as much ahead of time as you can. Get all the ingredients and supplies a week before the party and prep the food a day before your soiree. Do not underestimate how much drinks or food you will need. Consider your crowd first and see how much they normally eat or drink. If there are kids too, then add some kiddie items to the list as well.

3 – Deciding on the Venue:

Prepare your space in advance. If it is the backyard or lawn, schedule a suitable time period to do all that is required such as mowing the grass and pulling out weeds. If it is near the pool, the deck area would need scrubbing and cleaning. See that your outdoor space is ready a week before the party.

4 – Take the weather into consideration:

Everyone loves the summer but, sometimes the heat becomes too much to bear. Especially, when it’s an outdoor party. Make sure that everyone is comfortable. So, watch the weather and prepare your area for rain, hail or shine even. You wouldn’t want your guests to end up drenched in sweat or sunburnt, would you?

5 – A Simple yet Chic Décor:

Even when you want to arrange a laid-back soiree, you have to pay attention to décor and lighting details. Keep it chic and classy. Nothing too fancy. You can use fresh flowers, house tealight candles, understated lines, and fairy lights (for a festive feel). They add a lovely ambiance without burning a hole in your pocket. Use whatever you have to create a rustic chic environment. Lighting is extremely important if it is an evening affair plus, they help in hiding some details of your space. See that pathways and stairs are well lit. The right kind of lighting makes a place look ethereal.

6 – Music:

There’s no party without dancing. Music is a must for a hit summer soiree. Make a playlist ahead of time or use Soundcloud or Spotify for background music to keep the party alive

7 – Prepping the Table:

Whether it is a four-course meal or a fancier affair, your spread should look elegant. Use house candles and place them along with your tabletop and safe areas of the garden. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Take ideas from Pinterest. Make your own menus, place cards and if you want flowers, buy on your own and create floral arrangements yourself. It will not only save you money but would give the décor a personal touch!

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