What should I pack for a winter break

Winter Packing

Are you planning to go on winter break? Have you gone on once and you are planning to go on another soon?

If your answer to the question asked above is yes, reading this article is a must for you.

Packing for winter breaks is quite different from going on other holidays. This is because it is a unique art that requires you to pack light, keep warm and also look good.

I traveled to New York once during the cold season and I will say I had little issues as regard putting together a warm but fashionable wardrobe.

I won’t bore you with my personal story, but I would like to share with you a list of what you need in your wardrobe for your next winter holiday.

The Basics

The basic carry on packing list is quite irrespective of where you will be going to. They include your underwears and other basic materials you can’t do without.

The Add-Ins

The add-ins are materials that are not compulsory but yet important for you to enjoy your winter break. An example is a second skin. When packing for winter, the benefits of having second skin underwear cannot be overemphasized. One of the unique benefits is that they can double as PJs or leggings to keep you warm.

What should be left out?

Don’t fill the entire wardrobe with over ten sweaters in the name of a winter trip. Although sweaters give you the cozy feeling or chic, at the same time it’s quite unfortunate they take up more spaces when you pack them. Here is a simple guide to having enough sweaters for your trip:

Wear the bulkier sweater when you are traveling and keep two to three extra sweaters in your bag, that can be worn with a thermal top.

Black always make a good option

Aside from a personal love for black, black is a color that absorbs more heat without showing symptoms of getting dirty. Ensure your pack at least a pair of black casual outfits that can serve different purposes.

Opt for boots and not shoes

If you want to enjoy the trip, a pair of slip on boot will not only add to your aesthetics but will also make you comfortable.

It preferable you opt for slip-on boots because;

  • Slip on boots are travel-friendly and can be put on and off during the trip.
  • Anything goes on slip-on boot
  • Wearing them is comfortable
  • They ensure your feet are warm and dry compared to wearing sneakers.

If for any reason you will be bringing a pair of sneakers, wear your boots while traveling and keep the sneakers in the bag to derive maximum benefit from your baggage.

Don’t forget to pack warm, lightweight socks

You can’t expect to have warm feet with your boots only; this is why packing your warm socks is a must and not an option. Then bulky winter socks could take more space in the carry on which is why I will advise you alternate that with 3 to 4 pairs of lightweight smart wool socks.

Warm accessories

Don’t forget you are traveling during the winter and you need accessories like your gloves, tights (for ladies), scarves and hats.

You can also decide to go with a coat because of the variation in the European weather.

Your daypack

Irrespective of the type of backpack you will be traveling with, you will need a daypack to make your day trips lighter. Foldable daypacks with lightweight will make a good option. However, if you will be traveling with your laptop and there is a need to secure the laptop, a bag with waterproof sailcloth fabric with extra padding will come in handy.

Lastly, don’t forget your skin

Ensure you go with a travel-sized bottle lotion to get rid of dried skins.

I am sure the article is worth reading. Kindly share the article with your family and friends that will be going on the next winter break.

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